Why Zulitestone?

Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces from Linnstone

Zulitestone from Linnstone – innovative Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces, researched and developed to ensure high performance and safety during fabrication. The durability of zulitestone is not compromised despite the changes made to the product’s composition, incorporating recycled materials and minerals. These include certifications from reputable organizations and regular confirmation of its performance through SGS testing and other quality assurance measures. With such certifications, it means that zulitestone is a high-quality and safe option for the market. Besides, zulitestone is environmentally friendly and also represents the concept of ecological reliability, made with the help of renewable electric energy such as solar power and recycled water. Moreover, zulitestone is applicable to the following areas such as bench tops, splashbacks, wall paneling, vanity tops, flooring, and more, making it highly flexible to cover.

Zulitestone from Linnstone – The innovative, superior choice for Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces – Experience for yourself the assured quality, durability, and sustainability.

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Sustainability of Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces
Zulite Series Can be Used for Various Applications

Why Choose Zulitestone: Discover the Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces

Zero Crystalline Quartz
Crystalline Silica Free

Zulitestone represents a breakthrough as a 'Crystalline Silica Free' material, embodying a novel formulation free from crystalline silica. This advancement is vital for safeguarding the health of employees in the stone fabrication industry. Zulitestone's dedication to health and safety offers reassurance and confidence to our customers.

Durability of Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces

In the course of its development, the formulation of Zulite has been altered but it still remains durable, which has been corroborated by SGS and some other quality assurance techniques thus, customers can bank on its performance for their design programs.

Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces is Certified

Zulitestone is not only safe but also passes the UL, and CE certifications. It has NSF and UL Greenguard Gold approvals; hence, it is food-safe and VOC-free. Zulitestone are produced from factory with ISO certifications covering Quality Management System standard ISO9001: ISO 45001:2018, Occupational Health and Safety and ISO14001:2005, Environmental Management System standard. CE certification ensures EU compliance. Product quality is guaranteed.

Sustainability of Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces

Zulitestone is a sustainable surface made from the facility with solar electricity & recycled water system installed. Its manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and answers to the increased need for public consciousness, sustainability, and environment-based consumer responsibility.

Various Applications of Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces
Various Applications

Zulitestone provides an extremely versatile surface, suitable for benchtops, vanity tops, table tops, wall paneling, flooring and many other functions. Zulitestone allows designers and architects to get creative with their visions for commercial or residential projects.

With Crystalline Silica Free Formula
Up to 30% Minerals for Best Result
Up to 70% Recyced Raw Materials
Nearly 100% Recycled Water
Nearly 100% Power from Solar Energy

FAQs of Zulitestone

1.   What is zulitestone?

Zulitestone is our latest innovation at Linnstone, a surface material that is free from crystalline silica and incorporates recycled materials and minerals. Designed without the use of crystalline silica, these materials maintain the aesthetic allure and robustness associated with classic engineered stone while also promoting environmental sustainability. This enables joiners and cabinet makers to confidently create and install our surfaces free from crystalline silica, promoting a safer work environment.

2.   Is cutting zulitestone same as cutting regular stone?

Zulitestone is acomparably high-quality, high-performance innovative product featuring Crystalline Silica Free against conventional traditional products. There will be no extra labor on the cutting process.

3.   Will the quality of zulitestone be maintained or enhanced after its formula is altered to become a Crystalline Silica Free product?

Absolutely, the quality of zulitestone remains assured even after the transition to a Crystalline Silica Free formulation. It has undergone rigorous certifications including UL, CE, and ISO, ensuring that our customers can trust in its high standards and reliability.

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4.   Does zulitestone come with a warranty?

Zulitestone enjoys a Lifetime Residential Warranty and a Limited Commercial Warranty. You can find detailed information by visiting our warranty page.

5.   What are the advantages of using zulitestone as a crystalline silica-free worktop?

Zulitestone represents surfaces without crystalline silica, contributing to a safer work environment. In addition to these safety features, it provides benefits akin to those of traditional stone materials, such as a broad spectrum of colors, stain and scratch resistance, heat resistance, ease of maintenance, and remarkable durability. Opting for Zulitestone allows you to enjoy these perks while contributing to a more secure and health-conscious work setting.

6. Why does zulitestone contain minerals?

Our zulitestone, a Crystalline Silica Free Surface, blends minerals with recycled glass. It does not only use glass because a higher % of glass is prone to warping, lacks sufficient hardness, and tends to have green or blue hues. By adding minerals, zulitestone achieves better flatness, enhanced durability, and improved color consistency.

Low Silica Technology of Zulite Series
Experience Zulite's Quality And Sustainability Today

Experience Zulitestone's Quality And Sustainability Today

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Choose zulitestone for a sustainable and innovative solution in premium Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces.

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