Linnstone is pleased to announce the release of its Calligraphy Collection, which includes five stunning colours:

6009 Pulag Cloud

6022 Punaluu

6033 Golden Punaluu

6073 Eiger Mist

This colour collection involves unique colour and provides a modern approach to the Calacatta look. The collection comes with lots of streamlined vein designs for benchtops, wall paneling, flooring, and others.

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Linnstone Calligraphy Collection Page 6033 (1600x720) - 6033 Golden Punaluu

Calacatta Bookmatching Is Now Available!

Calligraphy Collection is suitable for individuals who aim to create a modern and chic environment. It is perfect as a bookmatching effect. Two mirror-image halves juxtaposed to create a continuous, ultra-smooth surface. Thus, the outcome is a highly sleek and modern benchtop that will surely attract attention.

What's Bookmatching Quartz?
Linnstone Calligraphy Collection Page(900x590)
Linnstone Quartz 6022 Punaluu of Calligraphy Collection

More eye-catching with Mega Size Slab!

Linnstone introduces Mega Size quartz slabs measuring 3530 * 2030 mm, as well as Zulitestone Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces, which will be perfect for large-scale projects, especially the Calligraphy collection. The Calligraphy Collection quartz slabs and Zulitestone Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces can create an amazing centerpiece with this Mega Size dimension.

If you are looking to refresh your kitchen or bathroom or simply want something to spruce up your home, the Calligraphy Collection is guaranteed to make a long-term impression. Call us now and get more free quotes to make your home luxurious.

About Mega Size Slab
Quartz 6073 Eiger Mist for Countertop

Linnstone Provides Premium Quartz Stone

Linnstone stone surfaces are well-known for a variety of reasons.

Why Linnstone
1. Non-porous
For long-term quality, it must be impenetrable by air, water, or other fluids
2. Long-lasting
Durability due to its high resistance to abrasion, heat, compression, and corrosion
3. Longevity
Natural quartz of the highest quality, backed by our warranty
4. Simple to Clean and Maintain
Surface stains can be removed with water and mild cleaning products
5. Hygienic
High resistance to bacteria, mold, and mildew growth while remaining safe and clean
6. Stain Resistance
Stain resistance and low maintenance
7. Scratch Resistance
Highly resistant to scratches and scrapes

Get Your Custom Quartz Edges

Linnstone stone surfaces can be customised to our customers' specifications. You can tailor the edges of tops to your specific requirements. Please see your fabricator for specific edges.

We offer mega slabs in addition to regular jumbo slabs, so you won't have many seams in your kitchen.

Where to Buy
Quartz Bevel Edge
Quartz Laminated Bevel Edge
Laminated Bevel
Quartz Bullnose Edge
Quartz Laminated Bullnose Edge
Laminiated Bullnose
Quartz Ogee Edge
Quartz Laminated Ogee Edge
 Laminated Ogee
Quartz Eased Edge
Quartz Laminated Eased Edge
Laminated Eased
Quartz Mitered Eased Edge
Mitered Eased
Quartz Half Bullnose Edge
 Half Bullnose
Quartz Laminated Half Bullnose Edge
Laminated Half Bullnose
Quartz Triple Bullnose Edge
Triple Bullnose
Size of Linnstone Quartz Surfaces
Size: 3230 * 1630 MM, 3530 * 2030 MM
Thickness of Linnstone Quartz Surfaces
Thickness: 20 MM, 30 MM
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