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Rainier Cloud

Group 4
Natural Collection
Zulitestone (Silica Free)*

Rainier Cloud, as though capturing the soulful essence of the clouds that cloak Mount Rainier's summit, stands as an elegant ode to the serene sky that blankets the mountain’s apex. Its texture, a wide weave of white with strokes of gray, brushes gently with the fine gray lines akin to the tender mist of morning, much like a silent poem that extols the world's peaceful rouse in the embrace of dawn’s light. Every thread of grain is an endowment of nature, a delicate mirroring of the peak's enduring romance with the cloud sea. It is an artistic paean to the silent beauty of the natural world, bringing the tranquil and sovereign spirit of Rainier into the profound depths of your space.

Zero Crystalline Quartz

Zulitestone - Innovative Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces from Linnstone

Explore zulitestone by Linnstone, which offers unmatched durability and eco-friendly production for versatile design projects.
Low silica durabilitylow silica certificatedlow silica sustainability
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Highest Quality

Linnstone quartz and Zulitestone Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces have been of high quality since the beginning. They not only meet international certification standards, but they also satisfy customers. All of our certificates and evaluations are issued by reputable institutions. We have NSF certification as a safe material for direct food contact, as well as Greenguard Gold, which allows users to use our products in sensitive areas such as hospitals or schools.

Internationally renowned institutions such as SGS and TÜV have tested our products.

For more information, see Why Linnstone.

Why Linnstone

Simple to Maintain

Linnstone requires little care and upkeep. For surface stains, immediately wipe the affected area with a damp cloth and soap or mild detergent. Rinse the soap or mild detergent thoroughly with plain water.

For more information, please see the Care & Maintenance guidelines.

Care & Maintenance


5003 Rainier Cloud
Jumbo: 3230 * 1630 MM, Mega: 3530 * 2030 MM
*Please call ahead for stock availability.
20 MM, 30 MM
Floorings, Desk Tops, Vanity Tops, Benchtops, Shower Paneling
* Silica Free means crystalline silica free quartz surfaces.
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