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Australis Quartz Kitchen Benchtops: All-Inclusive Elegance

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Here in Australia, we know a thing or two about the perfect blend of ruggedness and beauty – it's in our nature. That's exactly why quartz benchtops have become my top pick for kitchen renovations. Take it from me, Linnstone's collection of quartz benchtops is a cut above – they bring the resilient spirit and stunning visuals of our great outdoors right into our homes.

What is Quartz Stone?

Just wanted to have a yarn about the rock-solid choice for your home reno needs - the Quartz Stone. This stuff is tough as nails, made mostly of quartz with a sprinkle of other minerals to toughen it up even more. It's the kind of material that doesn't just stand up to the daily knocks but looks sharp while doing it.

Down here in Australia, we're all about quartz benchtops. They're the top pick for their rugged beauty and practicality. And let me tell you about Australis quartz and all – it's the real deal. Linnstone has got a range that's as wide as this great land, offering everything from benchtops to splashbacks that'll make your space look bonza.

We're particularly proud of Linnstone grey tones. They're not just stylish but they go with just about everything, making your kitchen the heart of the home. And it’s not just about looks; these beauties are practical as they come. A splashback in this material? It’ll keep your kitchen looking schmick for years.

If you want a bit of that Australian spirit in your home, something that's both sturdy and stylish, then Australis Quartz and all its offerings, from quartz benchtops to splashbacks, are worth a gander. So, have a gander at our range and see why that grey is our crowd favourite!

Australian Quartz and All Values?

Let’s have a good old yarn about Linnstone’s beauty products that are fair dinkum changing the structure of kitchen design here in Australia.

First things first, let me tell you about the Zulite Series Low Silica Surface from Linnstone. It's a top-notch choice, especially if you're after something that's made with superior minerals and recycled materials. This series, along with the quartz series, are what you'd call stone surfaces, and they're as sturdy as they come.

Now, Linnstone isn't just any run-of-the-mill brand; we're offering slab materials that are perfect for kitchen benchtops and other applications where quality matters. When you're looking at options for your kitchen benchtops in Australia, you can’t go past these guys. We’ve got the goods.

Linnstone Surfaces 5021 Castle Gray
5021 Castle Gray

And here’s the deal with Linnstone products – take the 5021 Castle Gray, for example. It’s part of the Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces, and it’s in Group 3 for quartz benchtop Australia Colour Range. That means it’s got that perfect balance of quality and style without being too over the top. The 6501 Milford White and the 6009 Pulag Cloud are also stunners, belonging to both the Quartz Series and the Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces, with the 6009 Pulag Cloud sitting pretty in Group 5 – that's the top tier, the cream of the crop.

Stone ColoursQuartz SeriesZulite SeriesPrice Group
6501 Milford White2
5021 Castle Gray×3
6009 Pulag Cloud5

The sizes Linnstone offers are mega. We're talking Mega slabs at 3530 by 2030 mm and Jumbo at 3230 by 1630 mm, and you can get them in both 20 mm and 13 mm thicknesses, depending on what your space calls for.

Linnstone Surfaces 6009 Pulag Cloud
 6009 Pulag Cloud

So, if you're in the market for some high-quality stone surfaces, and you want to support a brand that’s all about Australian values and sustainable materials, then give Linnstone a look. Our quartz benchtops, including those for kitchen benchtops in Australia, are a solid pick. They’re as Australian as they come and as reliable as the sun rising over the bush.

Remember, you won't find the prices on the quartz benchtop in Australia, but each product fits into a group that reflects its luxury level. With Linnstone, you're getting a fair dinkum deal on some of the best stone surfaces in the land. So, why not have a squiz at our offerings and see if something tickles your fancy?

Why are Quartz Benchtops Australia so Popular?

Ever wondered why quartz benchtops are all the rage in Australian kitchens?

Firstly, quartz benchtops in Australia are about as tough as they come. They're built to cop a fair bit of wear and tear, which is why they're so popular. We're not gentle creatures in the kitchen, are we? We want a surface that can handle the heat, and not just literally. That's where Australis quartz and all comes into the picture.

This gear is not just durable; it's a breeze to keep clean. A quick wipe and it's good as gold, which is a dream for any busy Australian household. No worries about staining or scratching these beauties. Plus, the range of styles and colours, like the ones from Linnstone's quartz series, are as varied as the Australian landscape - from the milky whites of the 6501 Milford White to the stormy grey of the 5021 Castle Gray.

LInnstone Surfaces 6501 Milford White
6501 Milford White

They're not just for show. Kitchen benchtops need to be practical, and quartz benchtops are just that. They're non-porous, which means spills don't seep in, and bacteria don’t set up camp. It's hygienic, which is top of the list for kitchen benchtops in Australia.

But what sells it is how quartz benchtops transform your kitchen. They've got a way of making the heart of the home feel modern and chic without trying too hard. It's the same reason kitchen benchtops Australia-wide are getting the quartz treatment. They suit any home, from a bush shack to a city pad.

And if you're keen on making an eco-friendly choice, look no further. Brands like Linnstone are using recycled materials in their Zulite Series Low Silica Surface, which is top-notch for sustainability and quality.

To wrap it up, quartz benchtop Australia is the go-to for some Australians after a mix of durability, style, and practicality. Whether you're flipping snags or plating up a gourmet meal, a quartz benchtop Australia is your best mate in the kitchen.

What are the Best Stones for Kitchen Benchtops in Australia?

When it comes to picking the best stone for your kitchen benchtops in Australia, you can't go past quartz, and here's why. Quartz benchtops are the bee's knees. They're tougher than a kangaroo's hide and can take on anything you throw at them. That's why Australis Quartz and all its offerings are making such a splash in the market.
I went with quartz benchtops Australia, and it's been a ripper of a choice. These benchtops are built to stand up to the rigours of a busy kitchen – we're talking about the ability to handle hot pots, accidental spills, and the odd knife slip. They're as sturdy as they are stylish, making them the perfect addition to any Aussie kitchen, whether you're rustling up a family meal or hosting a grand dinner party.

Style-wise, quartz benchtops are as varied as the great Australian landscape. Whatever your home's vibe is, there's a quartz colour and pattern to match. I found the perfect fit for my kitchen with Linnstone's offerings. Their Quartz Series and Zulite Series Low Silica Surface are not just eye candy; they're made with a commitment to sustainability, using top-notch minerals and recycled materials.

The choices are brilliant – I was chuffed to pick out the 6501 Milford White and the 5021 Castle Gray, both from Group 3 of their Colour Range, hitting that sweet spot between sophistication and value. And for a splash of luxury, the 6009 from Group 5 adds that special something extra.

LInnstone Surfaces 6501 Milford White
6501 Milford White

Size matters, and Linnstone's Mega slabs (3530 * 2030 mm) and Jumbo (3230 * 1630 mm) mean you can go as grand or as modest as your space allows. Choose from a robust 20mm thickness for that solid feel or a sleek 13mm for a more refined look.

If you're looking to spruce up your kitchen with some top-notch benchtops in Australia, quartz benchtops are your best bet. It's durable, easy on the eyes, and as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. With options like those from kitchen benchtops Australia, your kitchen will be ready to take on anything from a quiet cuppa to a full-blown family feast. That’s what makes quartz benchtops the top pick in kitchens all over Australia.

Choose Kitchen Benchtops Need to Pay Attention to What Matters

Choosing the right kitchen benchtop is a big decision in the land Down Under. It's not just about picking a surface; it's about finding the heart of your home. When you're on the hunt for that perfect slab, there's a swag of things to consider.

Durability? As important as a reliable ute. That's where Australis Quartz and its range of quartz benchtops in Australia come into the picture. These quartz benchtops are tougher than a roo's hide and can stand up to the heat and the spills from a good ol' get-together.

Now, let's natter about the style. Quartz benchtops are as varied as the Australian landscape, from the sun-kissed golds to the deep blues of the ocean. Kitchen benchtops in Australia are a reflection of our diverse culture and environment, and with quartz, you can capture that essence in your home.
Maintenance? We're all about the easy life. Quartz benchtops are a breeze to keep clean. A quick wipe and they're looking schmick as, saving you time for more important things – like enjoying a cold one as the sun goes down.

And, we can't forget about the environment – it's the Australian way of looking after our backyard. Eco-friendly options like the quartz benchtops from brands like Linnstone mean you're doing your bit for this great country.

So, when you're ready to kit out your kitchen with the best, remember quartz benchtops are the go. They've got the looks, the strength, and the Australian seal of approval. Whether you're in Sydney, Melbourne, or the Outback, quartz kitchen benchtops are the way to go. Good on ya for choosing a benchtop that's as true blue as the Australian spirit!

When we talk about quartz, we're not just whistling Dixie. All these benchtops, be they the Linnstone Australis Quartz and all, or any other quartz benchtops Australia has cooked up, have got a few corkers of features in common.

Linnstone Surfaces 5021 Castle Gray
5021 Castle Gray

Durability is the big one. These benchtops are tougher than a wallaby's hide and can take a fair dinkum beating without showing a scratch. They’re as resilient as the spirit of Australia itself – ready to face a hot pan or a cold stubby without batting an eyelid.

And the non-porous nature? Strike me pink, it’s a game-changer. Whether it's a splash of sauce or a drop of Shiraz, nothing's getting past that surface. It’s why every kitchen benchtops Australia prefers has gotta be quartz. They keep the nasties out and the good vibes in.

Style? You betcha. Quartz benchtops come in more colours than you'll find in a sunset over Uluru. Sophisticated greys, beachy whites, you name it. They've got the whole palette down pat, so no matter what your style is, there’s a quartz benchtop Australia ready to match it, from the sleek city look to the laid-back coastal vibe.

And crikey, let's not brush past the green factor. With the world copping a beating, it’s good to know brands like Linnstone are stepping up with their Quartz Series, making benchtops that don’t just look ace but do right by the earth too.

So, when you’re looking to kit out your kitchen with the best, remember these beauties. Quartz benchtops Australia loves them for their resilience, non-porous surfaces, choice looks, and earth-friendly creds. They're as Australia as a backyard cricket match – reliable, good-looking, and ready for anything. Now that's a win in any Sheila or Bloke's book. Good on ya, Linnstone, for bringing us such a ripper product!

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