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Linnstone Quartz 3041 Volcano Gray(1)

Quartz 3041 Volcano Gray: Less Is More

Linnstone grey quartz 3041Volcano Gray is a mixed grain quartz. This single-color quartz slab is so beautiful making it usable on most commercial and residential projects because of its durability and beauty. It contains durability and beauty. Simplicity however, is what gives beauty to this stone. Soft colours and simple shapes encourage calmness and serenity […]
Linnstone Quartz 3032 Rock Gray (2)

The Perfect Light Grey Quartz for Your Project: 3032 Rock Gray

Linnstone light grey quartz 3032 Rock Gray has a mixed-grain structure. This is a mixture of the best natural quartz stone, resins, and colours. This results in a very strong service that is heatproof, stain, and scratch-resistant. In these cases, Linnstone light grey quartz can be used on kitchen benchtops, splashbacks and high-use zones. It […]
Linnstone Quartz 3003 Moreno White (1)

3003 Moreno White: The Perfect White Quartz with Mixed-Grain Pattern

Linnstone quartz 3003 Moreno White, is a mixed-grain quartz that features a striking white shade. This kind of quartz can be used in various designs like benchtops, splashbacks, and floors. Linnstone quartz is hardy and can withstand high wear and tear thus suitable even in households that are always on the move. Product Details Stunning […]
Linnstone Quartz 1100 Merapi Gray (1)

Fine Grain and Lovely Quartz Colour: Linnstone's 1100 Merapi Gray

Just ensure that you are okay with light grey benchtops in fine texture and go for quartz 1100 Merapi Gray by Linnstone. Because of its light grey base and fine grain this stone looks exquisite. For those people wanting a light and airy kitchen, the colour hue is light grey. This is a monochromatic quartz […]
Linnstone Quartz 1010 Tahiti White (2)

Clean and Bright: Quartz 1010 Tahiti White for Your Home

Linnstone white quartz 1010 Tahiti White is one of the most popular quartz that has been used in many applications. It is highly adaptable and applicable for multiple uses, including benchtops or floors. Most people prefer to use it since its colour is very clean with a fine grain. As a result, it is ideal […]

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