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Linnstone 5173 Musala-Partial

5173 Musala

Musala, towering above the snow-covered landscape, embodies a quiet, majestic strength that leaves all who lay eyes upon it in awe. Its ethereal beauty and tranquility are mirrored in the delicate veins of the Musala surfaces, whose elegant white hues and understated brown patterns are an homage to the mountain's natural splendor.
Linnstone Quartz 5178 Snowdon-Partial

5178 Snowdon

As your gaze settles on the intricate patterns etched onto the surface of Snowdon, you are transported to the majestic peaks and winding valleys of its namesake mountain range. The base of pure white is accentuated by the graceful, meandering streaks of warm brown, mirroring the tranquil flow of Snowdon's idyllic lakes.
Quartz 5167 Sahara Ridge-partial

5167 Sahara Ridge

A sea of golden wave veins that appear to have no beginning and no end, stretching across the entire surface of the Sahara Ridge. In the Sahara, undulating crests and valleys merge and change shape. Its beauty is the only thing that can compete with its size in terms of keeping your gaze occupied.
Quartz 5107 Vinson Crest-partial

5107 Vinson Crest

The sculptural sweep of snow and ice surface is interrupted by majestic Vinson Crest at the end of the world. From the peak to the open area, a winding frozen black ridge vein stretches for miles, meeting the sky along a noticeably curved horizon. A paradise of clean lines—austere, vast, and uncomplicated—deserves to be savoured.

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