Category: Mixed-grain

Linnstone Quartz 7241 Andromeda-Partial-202210

7241 Andromeda

The gleaming surface lens shines as brightly as a star galaxy in Andromeda in the vastness of space. At times, it appeared as if one of Andromeda's stars had broken free from the firmament and was speeding off into the night. On the surface, constellations split, reassembled, and plummeted in brilliant form, full of seductive and dreamy mystery.
Linnstone Quartz 7119 Ash Gray-Partial-202210

7119 Ash Gray

On a dark grey background, Ash Gray is infused with glass-like particles, creating a striking quiet and dependable emotion. Unlike black, Ash Gray is somewhere between white and black, creating a comfortable and exquisite experience.
Linnstone Quartz 7027 Crystal White-Partial

7027 Crystal White

It is said that when the ancient Romans first discovered crystals in the Alps, they were taken aback because they assumed crystal was evolved ice. Crystal White has a creamy white background with pure crystal-like spots scattered across the surface. It's like morning dew on the tips of leaves, full of mystery and nobleness.
Linnstone Quartz 7009 Sandy White-Partial-202210

7009 Sandy White

Sandy White presents a large grainy milky sand that soothes restless hearts. Warm sand in the sun, stretching far away and glittering, entices touching and playing. Sandy White creates a whiff of mildness like milk flowing on the feet.
Linnstone Quartz 3032 Rock Gray-Partial-202210

3032 Rock Gray

Rock Gray is a harmonious and elegant colour that creates the most abundant and broad space in the background. Under the blooming surface of Rock Gray, the cold and elegant, warm and soft elements fuse to play the most graceful symphony. It is not only introverted and rich in texture, but it also has a pleasant appearance and a distinct temperament.
Linnstone Quartz 3003 Moreno White-Partial-202210

3003 Moreno White

Stunning and magnificent, Moreno White is as pristine as a glacier. The fine quartz surface particles on the glacier-white background are reminiscent of snowflakes. It crystallises snow, known as firn, when subjected to heat or pressure. Firn, the glacier's base form, is tiny and soft.

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