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Linnstone Surfaces Catalogue 2023

Linnstone Catalogue 2023

Click here to download Linnstone Surfaces product profile. Introducing the Quartz Series and Zulite Series – high-quality stone surfaces for residential and commercial interiors. Quartz Series are durable and versatile while Zulite Series has minimal silica and is based on sustainable materials. Zulite is a new surface, developed since 2018, with less than 40% silica […]
Linnstone Colour Ranges

Linnstone Colour Ranges-Oct 2023

Quartz and Zulite Series are Linnstone’s Colour Ranges available in five distinct colour grades. With numerous size choices, including the Mega and Jumbo offerings, these collections incite limitless design options. Please, download our Linnstone Colour Ranges document, choose from great variety of colours and sizes to add timeless beauty to your project. Begin your Linnstone […]
Linnstone Australia-Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces MSDS

Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces MSDS

Refer to the MSDS furnished by Linnstone for significant data on our Zulite Series Low Silica Surface. The paper includes product identification, hazard details, ingredient composition, safety precautions, and more. For a thorough understanding of our product and to ensure safe handling, etc. Download it now for a comprehensive understanding of our product and safe […]
Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces Product Technical Information

Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces Product Technical Information

Download our product technical information and learn more about Linnstone’s Zulite Series Low Silica Surfaces. This report captures key information which includes product description, product dimension and product performance data. Discover Zulite with a focus on being eco-friendly, and sustainable through renewable energy and recycled water. They can be applied in different designs like bench […]
Quartz Surfaces Product Technical Information

Quartz Surfaces Product Technical Information

If you want to find out more about Linnstone’s outstanding quartz surfaces, please visit the product technical information section. We can also give you other options for decorative effects because of the variety and uniqueness of our design style. Linnstone quartz surfaces are used in interior designs for homes and offices for kitchen benchtops, bathroom […]
Cover of Linnstone Quartz Surfaces MSDS

Quartz Surfaces MSDS

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Linnstone quartz surfaces to know what safe handling, usage, and disposal. Such invaluable resource provides detailed information on potential risks, chemical ingredients, initial medical measures, firefighting procedures, and strategies to effectively respond to accidental releases and other unforeseen scenarios. Such a guide ensures the responsible use of […]
Cover of Linnstone Lifetime Residential Warranty 2023

Lifetime Residential Warranty

Download the “Lifetime Residential Warranty” document explores Linnstone’s Residential Lifetime Warranty, which offers comprehensive protection against any defects in the materials used for original installations that are certified by the Fabricator. This is a warranty for material substitution or replacement that will enable homeowners to get a reliable solution. Be conversant with the official warranty […]
Cover of Linnstone Limited Commercial Warranty 2023

Limited Commercial Warranty

For more information on Linnstone surfaces, download the comprehensive Limited Commercial Warranty document with dependable warranty. This is a complete guide that covers warranty, condition, quality and durability in Linnstone. Find vital information concerning warranty coverage, exclusions, care guidelines, and more. Ensure that you are ready with the necessary knowledge on how to maintain the […]
Cover of Care and Maintenance Guidelines 2023

Care and Maintenance Guidelines

Get the comprehensive Care and Maintenance Guidelines to discover the mystery behind keeping your Linnstone finishes eternally attractive. This essential guide will help you elevate the longevity and elegance of your exquisite benchtops. Explore a wealth of information, including effective approaches, techniques to remove stains, and must-do things to prevent damage to your benchtops. Explore […]
The Cover of Greenguard Gold Certication for Linnstone

GREENGUARD GOLD Certification 2024

Linnstone is proud to have the GREENGUARD GOLD Certificate that shows our high quality and commitment to sustainability. This certification proves that our stone surfaces have undergone rigorous tests to ensure minimal chemical emissions and contribute to a healthier indoor environment. You will get extensive details about our surfaces on acquiring the GREENGUARD GOLD Certification […]
The Cover of Greenguard Certication for Linnstone

GREENGUARD Certification 2024

Linnstone surfaces boast high standards of quality and sustainability. UL GREENGUARD is the prestigious certification given to trusted products that contribute to improved indoor air quality and are eligible for green building credits. Besides, Linnstone surfaces have a very positive influence on the air quality and make any room more beautiful. They are very stylish […]
The Cover of GREENGUARD GOLD Certification for Linnstone Quartz

GREENGUARD GOLD Certification 2023

Linnstone surfaces have been GREENGUARD GOLD certified for the last 10 years. This top rating is more stringent than the standard projects to create healthier environments for vulnerable people as children and the aged. Linnstone surfaces not only give safety but also luxurious looks are available in many colours and patterns that always stay low […]

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